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Property Standards

In order to assist landlords, this brochure sets out the minimum property standards required for the guaranteed rent service operated by Smartspace Property Solutions. It is a summary and should be used as a guide when considering works to bring your property up to the minimum standard. These guidelines are generic and subject to change in accordance with legislation, housing standards and contractual requirements.

Certification & Documentation


Gas Safety Certificate

An annual gas safety check is to be carried out by a Gas Safe registered contractor with a copy of the pass certificate provided.


Energy Performance Certificate

Landlords are required to provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)


Electrical Installation Safety Certificate

A periodic inspection certificate is to be carried out by an N.I.C.E.I.C or N.A.P.I.T registered electrician.


Proof of Ownership

Provide proof that you are the legal owner of the property.


Buildings Insurance

We require a copy of the current building's insurance policy.


Note: The above documentation and certification must be supplied to us prior to or on the final inspection. We can arrange and complete the required certification on your behalf. Please contact us for further assistance

Health & Safety


• A minimum of one lithium 10-year battery life smoke alarm is required per floor.

• Carbon monoxide detectors must be fitted if the boiler is located in a bedroom or has a concealed flue.

• All polystyrene decorative tiles and covering must be removed from all areas of the property.

• All stairs must be fitted with a suitable handrail. Balustrades or spindles should have a maximum 100mm gap between them (open risers should be infilled).

• A mains-wired heat detector may be required within the kitchen.

• Any furniture provided must comply with the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1993. All furniture should be clean and in good condition.

Internal Property Standards


• Internal decoration to be painted, be in good condition and free of marks (includes walls, ceilings and woodwork).



• All windows to be free from cracks and be in complete working order.

• All windows lower than 1.2m above ground floor level, must be fitted with restrictors which limit opening to 150mm.

• All locking windows must be secure and have keys.

• Windows in bathrooms and toilets shall be fitted with obscure glass or covered with a suitable privacy film or blind.


• All doors to be well fitted and must open and close properly.

• Door stops shall be fitted to floors or walls to protect walls from door handle damage.

• Entrance doors to be fitted with a Yale type lock and a 5-lever mortice deadlock.

• The property must be fitted with a working doorbell.



• All Properties shall be free from damp, mould and condensation. Insulation

• Water storage tanks to be fitted with a suitable insulated cylinder jacket.

• Loft insulation to be a minimum of 150mm deep.

Room Standards



• Kitchen units to be operational securely fitted and have adequate and hygienic storage.

• A gas or electric cooker (restrained to a wall if free standing), clean and in good condition, is to be provided.

• An adequate space for a fridge/freezer to be available.

• A minimum of two double sockets at worktop height, plus low-level sockets (below worktops) for the washing machine and fridge/freezer.

• A clear space of 600mm with suitable connections, plumbing and drainage to allow for the installation of a washing machine.

• Worktops to be in good condition with tiled splash back above to be of a minimum height of 300mm.

• Wall tiles to be intact and grouted.

• Sinks and worktops to be sealed around edges and joints with a mastic seal.

• Flooring to be vinyl or tiles and be in good condition, with no stains or loose edges.

• Blinds or net curtains to be fitted to windows.

• Kitchen to be well ventilated either by means of a window or suitable extractor fan.

• Mains wired heat detector required if no kitchen door fitted.

• Kitchen door must be an FD30 fire door with intumescent strips and a self closer.

• Fire blanket fitted on the wall or worktop near the kitchen door